[Portrait] More female managers in production?

Pauline avec son casque

03 May 2022 Corporate social responsibility Human ressources Story

With Pauline, the first female On-Board Production Supervisor for the construction of the nuclear attack submarines on the Barracuda program, things are definitely moving forward!

As part of its Naval 2025 transformation program, Naval Group aims to increase the number of women in managerial and production positions to 35% by 2025. As far as the 28-year old is concerned there are no “gendered” jobs. What counts the most for Pauline, who became an On-Board Production Supervisor on the site of Cherbourg just five years after joining the company, is being open-minded and seizing every opportunity that matches one’s own professional motivations.

From architect engineer... to On-Board Production Supervisor

It all started with her end-of-studies internship. As a student architect engineer at the Ecole Centrale in Lille, Pauline applied for an internship offer in April 2017. “Since then, I have been working on the Barracuda series, first as Technical Operating Manager in insulation painting for two and a half years, then as Hull Installation Supervisor. These experiences helped realised that I preferred working in a shipyard – being in the field interacting with various trades to build one of the most complex industrial objects in the world –  rather than in an office.”
Her appointment in February 2022 as On-Board Production Supervisor in the Independent Production Unit (UAP) for the mid-section was consistent with her then four-year career, the only exception being that she is the first woman to occupy a position previously only held by men.

On-Board Production Supervisor... or orchestra conductor

Supervising the construction of the mid-section, Pauline works on a daily basis with all the installation supervisors in the hull, electrical, mechanical, metalworking and insulation painting trades. “Working as a team is fundamental in order to ensure that the assembly of a section progresses on schedule. / We work together but my role is to lead the score so that everything runs smoothly, without any problems arising, to meet all of the objectives and schedule milestones.  To do so, I work in tandem with my coordinator, Annie Olivier, a ‘trailblazer’ of a woman on the site for several years now. And yes, we are two women responsible for supervising the work in the sector,” she smiles. Does she think this diversity of profiles provides a new perspective?
“Without than falling into stereotypes, I would rather see it as a form of complementarity in a world where teamwork is both vital and rewarding. I feel integrated within the team, I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.”