Polaris® and NiDL® : stronger together

An outstanding solution for maritime policing and naval-force operational support missions, the Polaris® mission system was developed in 2011 for the offshore patrol vessel L’Adroit. Combined with the NiDL® tactical data link system, it boosts the power of a maritime force.

In the face of evolving threats, the Polaris® and NiDL® tandem has proved to be a powerful tool for enforcing sovereignty. On the one hand, a proven and robust mission system that covers the needs of the French State at sea. On the other, a data-link system capable of boosting power by allowing the exchange of tactical data and immediate handover between ships. It is the optimal solution for maritime policing and naval-force operational support.

Polaris® is just as well suited to a landing helicopter dock as to a patrol vessel. Its wide operational range means that it can be of interest to most navies, and in particular those that wish to exercise their sovereignty in their national waters and their exclusive economic zone. Polaris® also allows the deployment of a gun or an anti-ship missile for anti-surface warfare.

“Hostage-taking, piracy, protection of oil platforms, support to humanitarian or transport and logistics operations: in all these situations, and wherever sovereignty must be enforced, Polaris® centralises and integrates airborne and maritime data to facilitate the decision-making process,” explains Philippe Sathoud, Naval Group marketing manager for the Polaris® mission system and NiDL®.

With an open architecture that makes it particularly adaptable, Polaris® relies on a wide variety of sensors, including remote sensors for instance carried by an airborne drone. The collected data is analysed and suspicious behaviour identified. The correlation of the entire dataset can be performed either automatically or manually according to the operator’s preference. Capable of handling 1000 contacts on a body of water, a patrol vessel equipped with Polaris® and NiDL® can police the seas effectively.