System engineering: DCNS in Athens for the launch of the R&D Holiship project


The kick-off meeting of the European R&D Holiship project took place in Athens at the end of September. No less than 40 prestigious partners, shipyards, model basins, research laboratories and industrial groups, including DCNS, will work together over 4 years on this flagship programme aimed at optimising vessel design and operation methods.

Holiship is underway! Just a few weeks after being accepted by Brussels within the framework of the Transport theme of Horizon 2020, Europe’s finest naval-architecture experts started working on this rich and ambitious R&D programme. What is its aim? The development of the next generation of design methods for Europe’s maritime industry through a holistic approach to the vessel. One of the main challenges will be to reduce the overall cost of the product lifecycle, from design all the way through to dismantling, taking into account maintenance, operation, recycling and the environmental footprint.

DCNS Holiship

Better, faster, cheaper: a challenge already being addressed by DCNS, in particular through its Virtual Ship design platform. Through its cooperation with this European consortium, DCNS aims to share experiences of joint problems with other industrial partners. The Group also wishes to contribute to advancing the state of the art for engineering of complex systems applied to naval design. For DCNS, whilst a vessel’s nautical performance is essential, optimising design also means providing the different client navies with operational capacity. The interfacing required by the multitude of on-board equipment and IT systems creates ever increasing on-board complexity. In collaboration with its subsidiary Sirehna, Bureau Veritas and the SystemX technology research institute, within the Holiship project, DCNS aims to develop innovative system-architecture tools. Finding new optimal solutions and selecting the most appropriate with respect to a set of requirements thanks to digital tools is, for DCNS, the most important future challenge to be addressed by Holiship.

The naval-architecture elite, brought together for Holiship

HSVA (coordinator), ALS Marine, AVEVA, BALANCE, Bureau Veritas, Cetena, CMT, CNR, Damen, Danaos, DCNS, DLR, DNVGL, Elomatic, Epsilon, FhG-AGP, Fincantieri, Friendship Systems, HSB, IRT SystemX, ISL, Lloyds Register, MARIN, Marintek, Meyer Werft, Navantia, NTUA-SDL, RR-AS, RR-PE, Sirehna, SMILE FEM, Starbulk, TNO, TRITEC, Uljanik, Univ. Genoa, Univ. Liege, Univ. Strathclyde, van der Velde.