OpenHydro awarded $6.3 million for its project of pilot tidal array in Canada


OpenHydro has just been awarded $6.3 million by SDTC, a not-for-profit foundation that finances and supports the development and demonstration of clean technologies, for its project of pilot tidal array in the Bay of Funday (Canada).

SDTC funding will contribute to support OpenHydro in further refining its technology into a product ready for global commercial roll-out.

James Ives, OpenHydro CEO, said: “We are extremely grateful to Sustainable Development Technology Canada for supporting us in the development of our 4MW tidal array at FORCE in 2015. OpenHydro is proud to have been the first technology installed in the Bay of Fundy and we remain convinced of the potential of the region as a major source of clean renewable energy?This project represents an important step in building a local tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia and a next step in the development of commercial tidal farms in the region.

Link to the press release from SDTC