Jean-François Sigrist (DCNS Research) publishes a new book on fluid-structure interaction


For a change, DCNS makes a literary start to the new school year. Jean-François Sigrist, research engineer at DCNS Research, is the author of a new book dedicated to fluid-structure interaction (FSI) numerical modelling. Published by Wiley, an internationally-renowned scientific publisher, it will be available on 25 September. It will be the author’s second book on the subject.

Representing a change with respect to the existing offering of highly specialised books on FSI written by physicists, numerical modellers and mathematicians, “this book is an introduction to scientific modelling methods”, indicates Jean-François Sigrist. “It does not address FSI as a whole but more specifically “vibro-acoustic” behaviours for which the mathematical models and physical phenomena can be considered as being sufficiently simple to provide an introduction to this wider theme.” To develop this subject, the author gives detailed descriptions of illustrative examples, that are nevertheless of fundamental importance, based on concrete problems for DCNS, and other industrial stakeholders in its ecosystem (such as comfort on board passenger ships or the discretion of military vessels). With examples of the application of numerical modelling methods to large vessels, this book demonstrates the vitality of the naval sector in western France, centred around DCNS. It is also the fruit of over fifteen years of intertwined experiences of its engineer-teacher author, at the same time bridging the gap between academia and industry.

At the head of the Structural Dynamics department at DCNS Research, the Group’s technological research centre, Jean-François Sigrist, 42, has also taught at ENSTA ParisTech, Ecole Centrale – Nantes and the University of La Rochelle. A recognised expert on the theme of FSI, he participates in the development and validation of numerical modelling methods and their simulations, both in naval and nuclear engineering. For the DCNS Group, our expertise in this area allows us to respond to the major multidisciplinary challenges for the ocean-going vessels of tomorrow and marine energy.


Fluid-Structure Interaction: An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling, Jean-François Sigrist, Wiley (2015) [320 pages; ISBN 978-1-119-95227-5]