DCNS Far East is developing its underwater inspection activity


In 2014, remote-controlled underwater robot design and production activity within DCNS Far East has been constantly on the increase. A total of ten or so clients, notably companies in the oil sector, have called on the services of DCNS Far East, a DCNS subsidiary based in Singapore. The jobs already carried out by the teams so far corresponds to more than 80 days of inspections.

Since 2012 we have been developing underwater inspection activities using ROVs. ROVs – Remotely Operated Vehicles – are underwater robots, remote-controlled from the surface, which are highly portable and easy to handle (just a few kilos), and used to conduct visual inspections of ships and underwater structures, hull thickness measurements or even seabed inspections down to depths of 1,000 metres“, explains Nicolas Leluan, Managing Director of DCNS Far East.

Amongst its clients are petroleum groups that have a requirement to inspect offshore platforms and the hulls of oil/LNG tankers, as well as companies with submerged infrastructures, such as quays, pipelines and bridge piles, both concrete and metals. DCNS is thus aiming at an expanding market in this region of South-east Asia, where these skills in the field of underwater inspection are not yet highly developed.

Created in 2005, DCNS Far East meets the requirements of its customers, amongst the most important of which is the Singapore Navy, for the support provided to the Delta frigates. The civil sector represents an expanding axis for development of its activity, particularly in the field of underwater inspection.