DCNS, a mine of skills: Caroline, design study and trial engineer


Caroline first entered DCNS in August 2013 as an apprentice in the Communications Systems department within the FREMM programme and has now joined the teams as a design study and trial engineer. An achievement that crowns the tenacity of this engineer, who has capitalised on the richness of her apprenticeship.

DCNS CarolineHer recruitment represents a recognition and satisfaction: “My recruitment forms part of a continuity, with the same teams and on the same programme, for which I have been working for three years. Of course, the fact that I no longer have an tutor feels a little worrying at first but, in the end, I am not alone, we are a team”, explains Caroline, reassured by the support given by the programme team over the last three years and her two mentors, who were able to provide her with effective support. On the Ollioules site, Caroline has learned to listen to the client and decode the specificities and descriptions of the need; with the teams at the naval base in Toulon and the functional integrators in Lorient, she has shared the emotions of integration and trials and has developed enriching collaborative relations.

“The pressure is high, I felt like a beginner, but my field tutor took me under his wing right from the first day and pushed me to progress, always with a safety net under me. This has created a strong bond between us!”, continues Caroline. Starting out with a long list of questions in her pocket, she progressed step by step and eventually gained her autonomy: “He gradually entrusted me with responsibilities and handed over to me when he sensed I was ready”.

I also received significant support from the academic side. Helped by the dry runs for her thesis defence organised by tutors, one of which was a member of the jury, Caroline presented her thesis on industrial electronics and IT in June of this year at Polytech (Sophia Antipolis): the conclusion of three years of hard work, with 2 days at Polytech and 3 days in the company, which allowed her to follow a fully-fledged project over the long term and without discontinuities. A win-win relationship for the apprentice, who is quickly operational and integrated, as it is also for the company, which benefits from a purpose-trained engineer.

Her future is traced out in the profession for which the apprenticeship trained her: communications system engineering for the FREMM and FREDA programmes, one of which is currently in the integration and trial phase while the other is in the design and offer phase. A strong message to young persons: apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity, take advantage of them!