DCNS, a mine of skills: Yohan, on-board electrician


Yohan, on-board electrician, joined DCNS six years ago in Brest. He moved from the construction sector to naval defence and particularly enjoys working with highly technical equipment as well as the international assignments.

Yohan’s mission is to make compliant or modernise the electrical installations on board nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), and the installation of new equipment for example on the Barracuda nuclear attack submarines (SSNs) in Cherbourg. Occasionally, Yohan is given assignments outside France for electrical maintenance operations on surface vessels.

Yohan previously worked in the construction sector. “I preformed interim assignments for DCNS, during which I became familiar with the demands of the on-board electrician profession and I was subsequently recruited.” Yohan appreciates the diversity of his profession: “I work in all kinds of fields: creation, plans, deployment and commissioning: it is much more diversified than in the construction sector and above all we work with cutting-edge technologies.” On board, I work in a two-man team, using working methods suited to the constraints of the submarine’s environment. “Co-activity also represents a huge difference compared to the construction sector. The procedures are complex and the standards very strict as in the event of an error the consequences can be dramatic.”

Yohan DCNS

Regarding the qualities required to perform his profession, Yohan highlights the need to be methodical, calm and of course careful: “We always keep in mind that lives are at stake. It is also necessary to be open to others as we work in partnership with other professions, for example fitters.” In the future, Yohan would like to train as an electrical technician to have more than one string to his bow. “At DCNS there are real possibilities for advancement and this is highly motivating.”