DCNS, a mine of skills: Denis, electrical engineer


Electrical engineer on the DCNS Brest site for 30 years, Denis is now a technical referent in the Industrial directorate, Systems and Platforms department. A review of this demanding career focused on transmission.

An electrician by training, Denis joined DCNS in 1985. Thanks to his experience in the field, he is now technical referent for all issues relating to the electrical components of a vessel – both ships and submarines – whether for the French Navy or the export market. “My mission is to ensure the servicing and maintenance of electro-auxiliary systems (motors, pumps, fans, converters, etc.), their initiation system and protection systems such as circuit-breakers.”

Denis works in the workshop on plans and equipment. “I intervene in the event of complex tasks to simplify the procedure or propose a solution that is better suited to the operators. I place my experience and knowledge of systems at the disposal of younger colleagues.” Denis is passionate about his profession and enjoys the new fields and challenges introduced by the integration of new technologies. Denis also trains French Navy users in system operation. “But they are unable to do everything they would like to with the on-board systems, whereas I can manipulate them on the test platform: I test the functions and push them to the limits! This is also what I like about this profession.”

Denis DCNS