DCNS, a mine of skills: Cédric, oceanographer


Cédric is in charge of the resources and environment team for the Marine Energy line of products. It is their identification of the technical, environmental and societal constraints that subsequently allows the selection of a site for tidal turbines or other systems. A mission that brings together both scientific and relational aspects.

An oceanographer and civil engineer by training, Cédric manages the team responsible for studying site conditions and environmental impact associated with the installation of infrastructures for marine-energy projects. In his department, eight colleagues: oceanographers, geologists, one geomatics specialist (he analyses and maps spatial data in digital form) and a consultation coordinator. “Our mission is to identify the site’s technical, environmental and societal constraints in preparation for the installation of systems. We conduct oceanographic and geological measurement campaigns relating to sea state and the ocean floor. These serve as input data for the engineers and technicians that design the equipment and working procedures.” A mainly scientific task but not only as there is also a major relational dimension with consultative initiatives, i.e., the consultation of the general public for the selection of a site.

Cédric and his team
Cédric and his team

The latest studies conducted by Cédric’s team relate principally to three projects: the installation of a pilot floating wind-turbine farm off the coast of the Ile de Groix, the immersion of seven tidal turbines on the Raz Blanchard site off the coast of Cherbourg and the installation of the future offshore OTEC facility near the coast of Martinique. “As we are in the experimental phase, we must constantly reinvent, anticipate and adapt to the environmental constraints, which makes it all the more exciting!”. All projects with a bright future!