DCNS, a mine of skills: Bruno, electrical technician


A new recruit at the Electricity, Electronics and Automation department on the Brest site, Bruno, an integration-maintenance-installation technician, is nevertheless far from being a beginner. He gives us a presentation of his career and profession, which demands team spirit, versatility and self-control.

BrunoBruno worked for some thirty years in consumer electronics before joining DCNS in May 2015. Bruno works in the Converter workshop where he refurbishes and tests all the electronic components making up the on-board motor-control systems. “At DCNS I work with high-power electronics: power supplies, regulators, converters, control interfaces… It is very different to what I did previously on consumer appliances.”

In the Converter workshop, the technicians are experienced as they work with cutting-edge electronics equipment. Bruno explains: “The voltages and currents we work with are high, requiring electrician certification. Personal protective equipment is mandatory during the test phases. We work in teams and are versatile: our tasks are varied.”

Bruno’s profession requires not only experience and rigour but also a high degree of self-control. “It is important to be calm, methodical and stress resistant to be precise and avoid accidents that could damage the equipment.” Bruno enjoys transmitting his experience to younger colleagues. He also feels confident for his future as “the diversity of the Group’s activities offers opportunities for professional advancement”. Electrical technician, a profession that opens up perspectives!