Naval Group showcases innovative submarine solutions at NIDV in Rotterdam

Future australian submarine

15 November 2018 International Group Press release

On November 15th 2018, Naval Group participates in the 30th edition of NIDV, the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security exhibition held at Rotterdam AHOY. At NIDV, Naval Group showcases its capabilites and vision to the Dutch industrial partners in the context of the Walrus replacement program as well as cutting-edge concept products.

Vision on the Walrus-class replacement program

On November 15th 2018, Naval Group participates in the Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security (NIDV) exhibition in Rotterdam at booth N° 2.640. The company outlines its vision and capabilities on submarines to its Dutch industrial partners in the context of the Walrus-class replacement program. This project will be a strategic long-term cooperation opportunity for all parties involved. “Naval Group foresees to closely work together with more than 70 Dutch companies, knowledge and research centers on the design, construction and the maintenance of a new generation of submarines in the Netherlands.” declared Mark von Rooij, Chief Executive Officer of Naval Group Netherlands.

A sustainable global player supporting world navies

Building on its 400 years long experience in supporting the French Navy, Naval Group is the partner of choice for many international navies, including several NATO allies. For example, in this capacity, Naval Group has designed and is building the first units of the Barracuda family.  It has been developed to respond to the needs of first-rank navies and to specifically respond to evolving threats. The Barracuda family of submarines brings unmatched oceanic potential to the market and offers uncompromised performance in acoustic discretion, special operations, stealth and striking power. It is able of supporting a variety of complex mission scenarii including coalition and NATO operations. In 2016, within the Sea Future Program, Australia has selected Naval Group’s Barracuda family to renew its submarine fleet with 12 new units.

A rich and diversified submarine expertise

Naval Group is committed to be at the forefront of the latest technological developments and therefore continuously innovate. Over 10% of Naval Group turnover is dedicated to R&D projects.  At NIDV, the visitors may see the state-of-art naval defense solutions created for modern navies, demonstrating Naval Group’s capabilities in modern submarine building along with high tech solutions for systems. As an example, the anti-submarine warfare system CANTO®-S will be presented on the booth as it constitutes a breakthrough in the field of anti-torpedo defence. Based on dilution/confusion concept, this combat system is the only solution capable of protecting submarines against both the most advanced and the previous generation torpedoes.

Concept submarine: meeting the operational needs of the next decades

To meet the operational needs of the next decades, Naval Group presents a disruptive submarine. Naval Group innovates to push the technological thresholds and reach unequaled performances with the SMX®31 Electric, the totally stealth, enduring and invulnerable fully electric submarine. It has new sensors, a new coating and is specially adapted for the use of unmanned vehicles. The Electric can help navies gather and share valuable intelligence without ever being detected thanks to the powerful acoustic, optronic and electromagnetic sensors. It is capable of acting firmly using powerful new generation weapons. It presents several assets including the extreme stealth when submerged, the increased invulnerability against modern weapons, the energy autonomy and its endurance. This innovative initiative is part of Naval Group’s identity. Naval Group presents its concept ship building on decades of experience in conventional and nuclear powered submarine design. The precious know-how and unique expertise passed on from generation to generation thanks to the continuous development of submarine platforms over the years is celebrated at NIDV.   Klara Nadaradjane Tel. +33 6 45 03 11 92