Naval Group presents Blue Shark, a high-tech and environmentally responsible concept ship at Euronaval 2022

The Blue Shark ship at sea

19 October 2022 Innovation Group Press release

On October 19, 2022, Naval Group will present an event based on the state of the art of a set of technological bricks with high eco-responsible potential, to enter the naval combat of the future with innovative technological responses, while reducing environmental impacts.

With the Blue Shark, Naval Group offers an evolutionary vision of a fast, discreet, efficient and resilient combat ship that can be integrated into a collaborative naval force, while ensuring a reduced environmental impact. Blue Shark: ecodesigned for naval operations.

Blue Shark, a responsible concept ship with advanced operational capabilities

Naval Group developed Blue Shark, its newest surface concept ship based on a more environmentally efficient architecture and technological integration. Her name refers to its potential: Blue for high environmental technologies integrated and Shark because she is first and foremost a combat ship, a first rank ship, meeting the mission profiles of a frigate.

She is prepared for high-intensity collaborative combat, unobtrusive, efficient and resilient. Blue Shark is part of a naval force, equipped with offensive and defensive weapons and the capacity to implement all types of drones. Blue Shark can evolve over all seas for several months, with a simple maintenance and can also operate in severe sea states thanks to her stabilized multihull profile.

Blue Shark’s hydrodynamic performance relies heavily on her design which is composed of a main hull and two floats to ensure a ship resistance reduced by half, maximized stability and a low level of acoustic signature.

The use of composite materials on the superstructure enables significant functionalisation of the walls, improving the integration of communication means: low latency, high available and wide bandwidth.

Blue Shark deploys advanced operational capabilities such as high combat performances, assured sea readiness, high radar stealth and projection capability through a fleet of unmanned vehicles onboard. The ship anticipates and responds to the international environmental regulations.

Blue Shark enhances a broad view of Naval Group’s technical and technological expertise and its ability to lead and federate a network of trusted suppliers and partners towards eco-qualifications of tomorrow’s innovations. From propulsion to energy management, including materials and onboard waste treatment systems, Blue Shark incorporates some 20 promising environmental technologies, effectively addressing challenges without compromising combat superiority.

Naval Group experts have considered the ship’s impact on the environment, from the design to all her life cycle. It reduces CO2 emissions by at least two times compared to current frigates. Blue Shark shows that the highest combat performance can be reconciled with environmental preservation. Naval Group’s ambition is integrate environmental issues as springboards towards innovations with high potential for its clients.

Main characteristics:

  • 160 m long ;
  • maximum width of 37 meters ;
  • 5 500 tons.

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