Laëtitia Guegan: 400th apprentice of the year!

18 November 2020 Human ressources Group Story

Laetitia Guegan joined the Composites Production department in Lorient on 20 October. It deserved a mention! Committed to actively stepping up work-study programmes, Naval Group has welcomed 400 work-study trainees this year. Representing a lever for renewing skills and passing on knowledge, this training method fosters professional skills, offers each and everyone the opportunity to choose a new professional pathway, and facilitates integration into the labour market. Portrait…

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your training path?

I am from the French town of Lorient. Aged 40, I have acquired considerable professional experience, including in a position as deputy manager at the municipal funeral services in Lanester, four years in the Paris police force, and a position as team leader in an industrial cleaning company in Caudan.
In 2019, I began a professional retraining course. I wanted to move towards something manual because I like working with my hands. After much research and thinking, I chose the composites environment. I took training in composite material moulding with the AFPA (National Agency for Adult Vocational Training), entitled “High performance composite operator”, and quickly knew that I had made the right choice !

What brings you to Naval Group?

Having grown up and lived in Lorient and Lanester, so I was familiar with Naval Group, a major industrial player in the Lorient basin. The group was part of my environment! When I was younger, I liked to watch the ships leaving port from a distance. And so, after completing my training at the AFPA, I contacted the site of Lorient and submitted my application for a work-study position. I was afraid that my age would be a problem but this wasn't the case: I just had to take qualifying training. I chose that of composite material laminator mould maker dispensed by the Plastics and Composites Innovation Center of Chambéry.

Why did you choose work-study training? What do you expect of your apprenticeship?

After my training at the AFPA, I wanted to keep learning and perfect myself. A work-study program was evident for me. At Naval Group I found everything I was looking for: a manual profession that requires versatility and the human aspect with teamwork. In fact, human relations are important for me: at Naval Group, trainees are assisted by the most experienced people around. The department gave me a warm welcome. Every week, I join a different team which allows me to discover new processes: it’s fascinating! At the end of my apprenticeship, I think I'll be ready to work with confidence.

Laëtitia Guégan, Naval Group