[Job portrait] “Organisation… it’s what I do!”

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13 November 2020 Defense Naval Surface ships Human ressources Story

“Organisation… it’s what I do!”
As head of the post-acceptance work department, Julie Troudet has worked on six of the ten frigates in the FREMM program. After the Alsace, her team will focus on the Lorraine from June 2021. “Producing ten units means we can leverage the experience we have acquired over the years in shipyard organisation and planning”, she says.

I joined Naval Group as planning manager on the frigate Chevalier Paul before working on the FREMM series, first as ship coordinator, then ship superintendent, and now as head of the post-acceptance work department. In the shipyards, from the Aquitaine to the Alsace, I have picked up a solid knowledge of the logic of shipbuilding, as well as a multi-trade vision that encompasses safety, security and organisation.
The post-acceptance work department is in charge of the dock and sea trials, the finishing and the final acceptance of the ships: it is the last department to intervene in their production process. I manage a team of ship coordinators and production managers – some thirty people – and, cross-functionally, I also coordinate platform and combat system testing activities as well as production support teams.
The FREMM program, with its ten units, has lasted fifteen years: this long timeline and the logic of series production has enabled us to gain valuable experience feedback and to implement a continuous improvement process. Following the reorganisation of the site, we are still working in the same place on the production line: the methodologies introduced on FREMM help us to optimise our work, and the standards created in recent years will benefit upcoming programs.