[Job portrait] Mireille Viliare, engineer and passionate about the underwater world

Mireille Vilaire, Caroline Velay, Thibaut Lavanant

06 December 2021 Human ressources Submarines Story

Mireille Viliare joined the Naval Group Underwater Detection department (DSM) at the end of her studies. She works on the production of high-performance measurement instruments, whose use in sea trials contribute to the validation of submarine performance. This position covers many fields, combines theory and technique and allows her to benefit from the specialised know-how of the department's experts.

From a specialised master's degree to becoming a Studies and Test Manager

After graduating in acoustics, vibrations and sensors, Mireille Viliare specialised in underwater acoustics by completing a one-year master's degree. She was then immediately recruited by the Weapon, Detection and Communication department in May 2018.

“As a member of the Products and Services team at the Underwater Detection department (DSM), I started working for various submarine programs. It allowed me to quickly put into practice what I had learnt but also understand how vast the world of acoustics is," says the young woman.

Wide-ranging and comprehensive projects

The first project she was involved in was data acquisition for acoustic state monitoring (SEA), a system providing the crew with real-time information on the submarine's acoustic indiscretions. The idea is to integrate measuring instruments into the submarine so as to monitor the acoustic state of the third-generation nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SNLE3G). “The objective was to define an instrumentation chain that would improve the performance of the current chain. Once the technology of sensors and cables had been chosen, we performed factory and platform tests, then and trials at sea.

Over the course of several projects, I was able to observe all the stages of a system's V-model, from its specifications to its qualification by way of its manufacturing. And my job goes far beyond acoustics, as it allows me to work in fields such as electronics, mechanics, materials, etc."

Valuable guidance

Mireille Viliare is also working on a measurement polygon that is intended to follow the trajectory of a moving object in water and measure its radiated noise. Navigating between theory and technique, her team studies and develops all the system’s components: the acoustic antenna, telemetry elements, treatment units, 4G communication means and equipped floats. As there is no feedback available regarding this new system, they receive support from the department's experts in order to resolve any difficulties that may arise.

She also benefits from guidance to help her complete her technical training and tutoring on acoustic metrology. Thanks to her growing skills, she is now able to provide support to the Services teams. "We all share the same objective: to provide the best possible solution to meet our customer's requirements and satisfy their need."