[Job portrait] "The Australian contract made me take the leap to join Naval Group"

23 November 2020 International Human ressources Story

Anne-Laure Placko is an engineer specialising in Geoscience, Systems Manager and Work Package Manager in the field of underwater detection, graduated from Mines ParisTech. When Anne-Laure thought about her future she pictured herself on an oil platform. Or maybe in France, in Brittany. It was finally in Ollioules that she began her career, immediately submerged in an international environment with the Australian Future Submarine (AFS) program opening its doors to her.

"I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was April 2016. I was doing my final year internship at Areva when I learned that Naval Group had won a historic contract in Australia. I had long dreamed of a job related to the sea. I had attended a presentation about Naval Group at the École des Mines as part of a partnership between the company and a student association, even though the school is not generally oriented towards the defence sector. Yet the announcement that Naval Group had been chosen as the designer, builder and integrator of the future Australian submarine fleet was a turning point.

In September 2016, I joined Ollioules' underwater detection department as a design engineer, working with the head of underwater detection activities on submarine offers and pre-projects, including the Australian program. Thanks to her and to all the specialists and experts in the department, I spent 18 months gaining in-depth knowledge of the field before finally taking over the position of manager and fully devoting myself to the AFS program.

My daily work, whether on site in Ollioules, or on a mission in Cherbourg or Australia, helps me progress in diverse fields such as international relations, project management, team coordination, contract management and production issues, while continuing to explore the entire technical field of underwater detection.

For Naval Group, international development represents an opportunity to gain maturity on a number of subjects, although the group's expertise is already unique in the world. It is a driving force for all of us, that helps us look at things differently and take into account the priorities of other sovereign nations. On a personal note, I believe export contracts challenge us to understand other cultures and adapt our approach. To do so, we must be modest and willing to listen. In fact, this is what I say to the future graduates of my school when they ask me about the international dimension of Naval Group. A question that comes up very often, as the international dimension has become essential for our generation.”

Anne-Laure Placko, Naval Group
Anne-Laure Placko, Naval Group

The AFS program is ramping-up and many opportunities will be open in the coming weeks. Some of them in Cherbourg and Adelaide are already online, have a look at open positions : https://www.naval-group.com/en/join-us-85