[Interview] Katerina Chatzipli, Naval Architect at Naval Group Hellas

24 June 2024 Defense Naval News

Katerina, who joined Naval Group Hellas as Naval Architect in February 2024, tells us about her experience of integrating Naval Group's subsidiary in Greece.

What is your role at Naval Group Hellas?

I’ve been the point of contact for many of the 30 Greek companies involved in the Hellenic Industrial Plan since I joined Naval Group Hellas in February 2024. Over 100 contracts have been signed so far. I also follow all the projects pertaining to the multiple contracts on equipment for the defence and intervention frigates (FDI). These include Mevaco, Akmon, C&A Kassidiari and Kafkas, to name a few. Salamis shipyard, which produces several blocks for the Greek FDI, is also a big part of my scope of work.


What are your main priorities in the 2024 roadmap?

To start with, I need to delve deeper into the technical aspects specific to the FDI program. Naval Architects are not only involved in the design of the vessel, but are also involved in all the procedures and engineering aspects as well, right from design to in-service support. Just a handful of us are engaged in work of this nature within the subsidiary. This gives me the latitude to get involved in all aspects such as electrical architecture and even propulsion.

The 2024 roadmap includes R&D projects between Naval Group, universities and Greek companies. To take one such example, the work I’m currently doing on the digital environment will lead to tests with Greek universities or at IFREMER, the French Ocean Research Institute. Last but not the least, I will continue acting as the key point of contact with the Greek companies and the Hellenic Navy to ensure that things run smoothly on the FDI program.


Why did you choose to join Naval Group, a French naval company?

I was lucky enough to discover Naval Group while preparing my master’s thesis on the application of composite materials in shipbuilding, between ENSTA Bretagne (France) and the University of Athens (Greece). During this period, I really appreciated the smooth interactions between teams as well as the highly structured and professional organisation and procedures. A year and a half down the line, this proved to be a real asset to joining the naval defence sector.

Above all, choosing Naval Group, an international player in naval defence also opens the door to benefiting from the company’s investment capabilities in terms of innovation. What’s more, this also gives me the opportunity to boost my knowledge in this sector and learn things I haven’t even studied at university!