[INTERNAL OPEN INNOVATION*] Behind the scenes of the pitch training of Naval Group's intrapreneurial program

22 February 2021 Innovation Open innovation Group Human ressources News

After identifying and selecting potential new business projects for Naval Group, the company's intrapreneurial program trains its intrapreneurs in the art of pitching. To teach them how to stand out from the 14 projects presented, the Naval Innovation Hub shares its knowledge of agility, initiative and audacity.

Dominique Leroux, in charge of cultural transformation Innovation at Naval Group: "Pitch training gives candidates the key success factors to work on the attractiveness of their project to be developed. The objective is to avoid the intrapreneurs from being only technically oriented in their speech. It is necessary to go to the essentials by adopting a customer-centric approach to maintain the operational superiority of Naval Group's vessels. These new approaches must make it possible to innovate today in order to conquer tomorrow".

In order to convince of the merits of their approach, our intrapreneurs undergo pitch training. Organizing their ideas, speaking, mastering non-verbal communication, adapting their gestures, popularizing the technique, managing stress, having confidence and inspiring trust : these are all soft skills1  to be mastered in order to convince the jury who will have to choose 5 projects to move on to the incubation phase. The intrapreneurs will have 5 minutes on 18 March to gather the support of the largest possible audience.

The aim of this day of pitch training ? To make it easier for the audience to understand by skillfully switching from the technique to the benefit of the solution proposed in the project. "If you can't explain something simply, it's because you don't understand it enough", Fabrice Poussière, disruptive Innovation catalyst at the Naval Innovation Hub, reminds the candidates.

Fabrice confides: "While respecting health constraints, this day was a day of exchanges and human relations. The intrapreneurs trained and helped each other with the participation of remote employees who were unable to travel. Far from relying on their technical skills, the participants all made the effort to get out of their comfort zone. With conviction and pedagogy, they gave voice to their new business ideas, inspired by pitching from entrepreneurs.

Good training for our intrapreneurs and see you on March 18th!

*Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Naval Group is strengthening its policy of open and collaborative innovation by listening to the initiatives, projects and ideas of its employees. The intrapreneurial program, supported by the Naval Innovation Hub, is an opportunity to give birth to a new activity for the company.

1Soft skills, otherwise known as behavioral competencies, refer to relational intelligence, communication skills, character and interpersonal skills.