Innovation integrated into our industrial processes

Whether we call it new-generation industry or smart manufacturing, the factory of the future is a generic term that represents the profile of the industry of tomorrow, revisited by the introduction of innovative technologies, new processes and emerging production Tools.

Additive manufacturing: a promising technique

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing covers all production processes using the layer-by-layer addition of material to produce a physical object based on a digital design. Naval Group is evaluating the potential of these new processes both from the point of view of the geometrical freedom of design and the quality of production of complex parts compared to the conventional methods of moulding, forging, assembly and machining.

The benefits of augmented reality

This technology is now available in the workshops and on board vessels where it provides users with the right information at the right time for executing tasks, through the use of 3D goggles, tablets or direct projection. These cognitive-support solutions contribute both to reducing non-quality and improving traceability and the building of conformity of vessels.

I-maintenance, the assurance of autonomy for navies

Thanks to i-maintenance, crews can achieve better control of their vessel, ensuring greater autonomy at sea. A series of processes, initiatives and digital tools has recently been developed by the group to move from preventive maintenance towards predictive maintenance, with online support to navies both at sea and in harbour.