The expertise and excellence centres

Naval Group at Technocampus Ocean

A founding partner of Technocampus Ocean (TCO) in Loire-Atlantique, Naval Group is also the main actor of the national technology platform dedicated to collaborative research in the naval and Marine Renewable Energy areas. The group has transferred its Innovation and Technical Management Department teams, including its Technology Research Centre, Naval Group Research, to this platform. Hydrodynamics, materials, structures, signatures (acoustic, electromagnetic…), algorithms, are at the heart of the research work conducted by Naval Group on the site based in Nantes.

Naval Group Research: 3 centres of excellence

Naval Group’s R&T laboratory is made up of 3 entities with well-defined specialities: CESMAN (naval structures and materials expertise centre), CEMIS (centre of excellence for information and signature management) and, last but not least, Sirehna(centre of excellence for hydrodynamics) a 100% owned group subsidiary.

Naval Group at the Technopôle de la Mer

At the start of 2016, Naval Group decided to transfer over one thousand engineers and technicians specialised in information processing system activities to the Technopôle de la Mer, which is focused on the areas of maritime safety/security and sustainable development in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Occupying 30,000m2 of office space, including 4,000m2 of platforms, Naval Group’s Ollioules site has become the headquarters for R&D work and the integration of vessel mission and combat systems, conducted by the group, which earns it the title of the largest European centre for “real-time” software.

Naval Group’s Cherbourg technical testing and evaluation centre (CETEC)

Naval Group hosts the CETEC on its Cherbourg site where both research and development work and equipment certification testing and reception testing activities are conducted. Equipment endurance testing and corrosion prevention work is also performed on several test benches reproducing operational sea conditions. The system that is the most emblematic of the Centre’s know-how and expertise is its hyperbaric chamber, the largest in Europe, which is capable of reaching a pressure of 200 bar, the equivalent of diving to a depth of 2,000 metres.