Computer Emergency Response Team

Naval Group deploys new security bricks and creates its Computer Emergency Response Team to deal with the intensification of the cyber-challenges in naval defence.

The Naval Group CERT is intended to join the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) international community, the aim of which is to increase the global level for handling the cyber security threat.

Naval Group CERT is defined by its cross-functional scope and its governance role within the group’s Cyber security Department.

A team of 13 engineers with a high level of technical expertise works in Naval Group CERT, which deploys its organisation and missions around 3 axes:

  • Threat analysis: watch and cyber threat intelligence activities;
  • Response to security incidents: technical investigation and coordination of the response;
  • Threat anticipation: active search for compromise and simulation of offensive activities.

Naval Group CERT operates according to RFC2350 which specifies the expectation for Computer Security Incident Response: Naval Group CERT RFC2350 (available in English)

If you want to contact us : cert[at] naval-group[.]com / PGP: 0x3167396E