The joint laboratories: in search of synergy

Through the cross-fertilisation of know-how and academic and industrial resources, the joint research labs aim to identify emerging innovations that address the application needs of Naval Group in the area of military naval construction.

The Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology brings together Naval Group, the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and the University of Nantes with the aim of accelerating the group’s technological developments in three key areas: additive manufacturing, naval hydrodynamics and multi-physical numerical simulation. It serves the needs of the operational superiority of Naval Group’s vessels at sea.

Gustave Zédé is the name of a 19th-century naval engineer and is now the name of the Naval Group and ENSTA Bretagne joint laboratory whose experimental research and modelling work addresses problems relating to the strength, durability and stability of materials used in military vessels. These results promote advances in naval design.