Innovation at Naval Group

“What will tomorrow’s submarine look like? What will its new missions be? How can we increase its submerged autonomy? How can we improve its ability to merge into the background of the sea bed?… We place the spirit of conquest at the heart of our innovative approach: inventing high-tech solutions to address the new challenges faced by navies and increase their operational capacities.

All of Naval Group’s innovation efforts are aimed at achieving two goals. The first is to offer vessels whose technologies outperform those of the enemy in an operational theatre. The second driver for our innovation is to support our competitiveness through our collaborative “Plant of the Future” project, which coordinates all our R&D work and that relating to industrial processes (augmented reality, robotics/cobotics, additive manufacturing…) or modularity.

The collection of skills deployed by our teams underlines the legitimacy of our leadership in the naval defence domain and our role of leader for naval innovation in France.”

Éric Papin, Director of Innovation and Technical Development at Naval Group

Key figures

8 to 10% of revenues dedicated to R&D

1,500 employees in R&D

85 areas of technical expertise

550 families of patents

21 projects in collaboration with 3 technology research institutes: Jules Verne, SystemX and M2P

2 joint research and innovation laboratories: Gustave Zédé (with ENSTA Bretagne) and the Joint Laboratory of Marine Technology (with École centrale de Nantes)