Collaborative innovation

Naval Group wishes to link its suppliers, and SMEs in particular, to its growth. Incidentally, it is one of the priorities in the SME plan.

By signing the charter on publicly funded Companies in favour of the creation and growth of innovative SMEs, the Group, in the same way as the other signatories, is committed to:

  • ensuring SMEs have easy access to the areas of innovation of big businesses and assisting them in their innovation projects;
  • encouraging SMEs to use their results to ensure growth on other markets;
  • adapting the purchasing processes to serve innovation;
  • investing in innovative SMEs and contributing to their development;
  • implementing specific monitoring within the Companies.

Naval Group is particularly interested in SMEs developing technologies and skills in the following fields:

  • life on board;
  • naval and submarine communications;
  • ship decision-making aid systems (hardware & software);
  • IT, operating & management systems;
  • industrial processes and methods;
  • processes and methods for tertiary activities;
  • processes and methods for engineering activities;
  • drones;
  • navigation, identification and surveillance;
  • warfare capabilities (surface, submarine, asymmetric threats, etc.);
  • energy efficiency, industrial and tertiary sectors;
  • energy efficiency and ship propulsion;
  • acoustic efficiency and management of signatures;
  • renewable marine energies;
  • materials and composites.

If your activity matches one of these areas, you are welcome to send us your application by completing our registration form SMEs promoting innovation.