Collaborative innovation

Naval Group associates its suppliers and companies offering innovation, and SMEs in particular, to its growth. As a matter of fact, this is one of the priorities in our SME development plan.

By signing the charter on publicly funded Companies in favour of the creation and growth of innovative SMEs, the Group, in the same way as the other signatories, is committed to:

  • ensuring SMEs have easy access to the areas of innovation of big businesses and assisting them in their innovation projects;
  • encouraging SMEs to benefit from their results to ensure growth on other markets;
  • adapting the purchasing processes to serve innovation and accelerate time-to-market;
  • investing in an ecosystem of innovative SMEs and contributing to their development;
  • implementing specific monitoring within the Companies.

Naval Group is particularly interested in SMEs developing technologies and skills in the following fields:

Smart Ship

  • Digital infrastructures
  • Cyber security
  • Sensors integration
  • Exploitation systems (command ops., bridge), human factors and interfaces
  • Platform Autonomisation

Smart Naval Force

  • Naval force combat system / mission system
  • Weapon launching systems and weapons (torpedoes, area denial defence)
  • Drones & functional integration of drones

Blue Ship

  • Fuel cells, anaerobic energie
  • Li-Ion batteries
  • Energy management systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • Nuclear and heat exchangers technologies
  • Eco conception

Invulnerable Ship

  • Masteriy of ship signatures
  • Autoprotection (against threats, counter-measures…) and resiliency (armouring)
  • Systems security and navigation security
  • Gas treatment and cleaning systems
  • Physical integration of drones and aviation systems

Smart Availability

  • I-maintenance
  • Improvement & standardisation of technologies (problem solving)
  • Preservation against Corrosion & biofouling

Smart Industry

  • Digital factory & improvement of industrial processes
  • New materials (intelligent, composite…)
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Virtual ship
  • Training simulators
  • Marine infrastructures

If your activity matches one of these areas, you are most welcome to send us your application by completing our registration form for SMEs carrying innovation.