Purchasing Areas

Naval Group’s Purchasing Department is organised into purchasing categories. Segmentation by product type, service provided and areas of expertise sought is as follows:

1 – Design and production services

  • Shipyard (electricity, paint, insulation)
  • Machining
  • Engineering studies

Contact: pierre.giniaux@naval-group.com

2- Platform equipment

  • Metal semi-finished products (steel plates, tubes, shaped sections, etc.)
  • Rough forging and casting
  • Mechanical equipment and assemblies
  • Fluid equipment: pumps, valves and fittings, etc.
  • Electrical equipment: cables, connectors, etc.
  • Thermal, ventilation and living equipment: HVAC, air regeneration, etc.

Contact: jean.depremare@naval-group.com

3- Combat system equipment

  • Navigation and communication systems
  • Optical and electromagnetic detection systems (including 2D and 3D radar)
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Countermeasures systems including launchers
  • Torpedo systems
  • Missiles and gunnery (including fire controls)
  • Submarine warfare
  • Drones

Contact: Christophe.balabuch@naval-group.com

4- Industrial supplies

Contact: sophie.le-neindre@naval-group.com

5- Infrastructures and production means

Contact: antoine.mahieu@naval-group.com

6- Power and propulsion equipment

  • Electrical power generation equipment (generator sets)
  • Propulsion equipment (diesel engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, electric motors)
  • Power distribution equipment (switchboards) and protective devices (circuit-breakers, etc.)
  • Energy conversion equipment (rotating units, UPS, static converters, degaussing systems, etc.)
  • Energy storage equipment (batteries, supercapacitors, etc.)
  • Electric motors and auxiliary speed variators (< 100 kW)
  • Shaft lines, propellers and gearboxes and related components

Contact: jean-pierre.laidet@naval-group.com

7. Informatics and telecommunications

Contact : julien.gaston@naval-group.com

8. Corporate purchasing

  • Transport, logistic, moving
  • Energy
  • Advice, training, events
  • HR, travel
  • Guarding, facility management

Contact : alexis.woliner@naval-group.com