Strategic issues


Expanding into the international market

Through its experience of major programs, in particular in an international context, and as the No. 1 supplier to the French Navy, a first-rate navy, Naval Group intends to accelerate the profitable development of its international activities through a sustainable presence on these markets.

Attentive to the needs of its clients, Naval Group proposes the local execution of their naval programs, with technology and know-how transfer, so that they can maintain control over their sovereignty. Naval Group is convinced of the major advantage represented by its management of complex programs and its centuries-long commitment to the French Navy and aims to provide developmental support for their defense technological and industrial base (DTIB).

In line with the expectations of its clients, Naval Group offers a range of renewed products, which is both wider and more modular, and a service offering that is a demonstration of its strong local commitment close to its clients.

Building on strengthened strategic relations with major French defense industrial groups, Naval Group contributes to the constitution of a tight-knit Team France to be able to offer solutions based on best practices and a common defense experience, which are both competitive and effective, and suited to the needs of its clients.


Strengthening operational performance 

Because no compromise can be accepted for vessel availability and technical performance, Naval Group has made its operational performance a top priority by guaranteeing compliance with its commitments in terms of delivery lead times, costs and quality, at the service of its clients, in France and internationally.

Naval Group deals with major complex programs and will ensure the sustainability of its technical performance and compliance with deadlines, as well as its profitability through a strengthening of its economic culture and the optimization of its industrial resources and its value chain.

The heart of Naval Group business project aims to ensure that our core competencies, the industrial infrastructures and the processes necessary to strengthen our competitiveness, the guarantee of growth for the group on its high-growth markets, are maintained.


Developing into marine renewable energy

The International Energy Agency estimates that there will be a 30% increase in energy demand by 2030. To respond to the dual requirement of energy production and environmental protection, marine renewable energy (MRE) represents one of the solutions both on the European and international markets.

In this context, already in 2008 Naval Group entered a new area of innovation and development thanks to the foundation of activities and competencies acquired in its core business of naval defense. Capitalizing on its know-how, the groupn through its subsidiary Naval Energies, aims to achieve economic development in this sector, based in particular on the identification of technologies that have a reasonable chance of being competitive within five to ten years. Marine renewable energy therefore represents a potential area for growth, which in the medium term will generate local jobs.


Being a pillar of sovereignty

Through its activity to design, build and maintain aircraft carriers and nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines for the French Navy, Naval Group contributes to the oceanic component of France’s deterrent force, its status as a world power and its legitimacy as permanent member of the UN Security Council. In its daily activities, the group ensures that the resources necessary for preserving the sovereignty of its clients in France and around the world are maintained and developed over the long term. The group is one of the top industrial groups in Europe and furthermore contributes to the collective thinking related to the preservation of sovereignty resources in the frame of the consolidation of the European Defense Technological and Industrial Base.

The sustainability of its competencies and know-how, the maintenance of its industrial infrastructures and the development of advanced technologies and innovations are the fundamental components of the pillar of sovereignty for which Naval Group intends to fulfill the missions on a long-term basis.