Our governance

Naval Group’s CSR policy implies the commitment of all employees and mobilises several group entities and departments. This is why the CSR policy is being directed by a multidisciplinary and transversal body: the Group Ethics and Social Responsibility Committee (CERSE).

CERSE defines the general orientations in terms of ethics and CSR and ensures the implementation of best practices within the group. It reports on its actions to the Chairman and CEO. Composed in equal parts of women and men, it is made up of representatives of the different departments within the group (in particular: Health and safety at work, Environment (H&SW&E), Human resources (HR), combatting corruption and influence peddling, etc.) as well as the secretary of the Social and Economic Committee (Comité Social et Economique – CSE).

CERSE is chaired by the Director of the Group Ethics, Compliance and Governance department (Directeur Ethique, Compliance et Gouvernance groupe – DECG).

With regard to the group’s management bodies, CSR-related issues are reported to the Compensation, Appointments, Ethics and CSR Committee of the Board of Directors.

To fulfil its mission and accomplish its work, CERSE is supported by the Ethics Relay Network (réseau des relais éthique – RRE). The ethics relays are trained and appointed on each site in France and in group-controlled companies. These ethics relays play an advisory role to the management committees of each site or subsidiary and are one of the primary contact points to respond to ethics- or CSR-related requests or questions from employees.

This organisation allows us to progress in terms of CSR: Our progress is documented by annual audits by independent bodies and through the “peer review” of member companies of the United Nations Global Compact, of which Naval Group has been a member since 2014.
Naval Group also reports on its CSR actions in its financial and CSR reports.