Reference documents

For several years, Naval Group has promoted within the group and towards its industrial partners, values that we consider fundamental in the conduct of our business. The principle of integrity is fully in line with the values ​​of respect and rigour that the groups seeks to attain with respect to its stakeholders and its environment.

Naval Group has made the commitment by its employees and stakeholders to ethical principles one of its priorities. To assist everyone in acting in accordance with these principles and applicable regulations, the group has developed its own reference framework:

  • A code of ethics,
  • A practical guide on ethical behaviour to be applied by employees,
  • An ethical reference guide for our major foreign subsidiaries (ERG-Subsidiary),
  • A code of conduct for suppliers.

This framework demonstrates the commitment of Naval Group to carry on responsible business.

The code of ethics

The code of ethics defines the rules of business conduct applicable. These rules apply to Naval Group in its relations with customers, suppliers and subcontractors; employees; shareholders; the media and the group’s other stakeholders. It provides guidance for staff wishing to enhance their understanding of the issue.

Written in 2008 and reissued in 2011, the code of ethics is subject to a continuous process of improvement. It is available on Naval Group’s Intranet and Internet websites, and is handed out to each new employee of the group. It is also made available outside the group when needed, especially to customers, suppliers, subcontractors and shareholders.


The practical guide on ethical behaviour

The practical guide on ethical behaviour aims to provide guidelines to Naval Group’s employees in the implementation of the code of ethics. It consists of thirty factsheets organized by themes corresponding to the stakeholders with whom Naval Group is in relation. These factsheets provide behavioural guidance for employees by describing concrete but fictional situations.


This guide is supplemented by specific charters that integrate the ethical principles that the group wishes to see applied on daily basis by all employees and partners.


The compliance code of conduct

Ethical reference guides for our subsidiaries (ERG-Subsidiary)

Naval Group’s governance has to comply with applicable legislations, norms and standards worldwide. In order for the group to adapt to their development and specificity, Naval Group has made available for the management responsible for each foreign subsidiary an “ethical reference guide for our subsidiaries” (ERG-Subsidiary) which describes key Ethics elements, national and international laws in force in the concerned country as well as best practices that Naval Group is committed to respect in the conduct of its business in that country. The ERG-Subsidiary also indicates to the manager of the subsidiary Naval Group’s internal contact points who can answer questions and help resolve ethics dilemmas.


  • The ethical reference guides for our subsidiaries (ERG-Subsidiary)

The code of conduct for suppliers

Naval Group associates its suppliers, contractors and subcontractors (collectively or individually) to its performance, which implies involving them closely in its ethics and corporate social responsibility policy.

Naval Group’s code of conduct for suppliers expresses the principles to which the group expects its suppliers to engage, in the frame of a joint continuous improvement and sustainable development.