Ethics and Compliance are the responsibility of two entities within Naval Group: the Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Compliance Department.

The Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was created in 2015. It regroups the Ethics Committee, created in 2009, and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, created in 2011.

Its role is to set the general guidelines on ethics and corporate social responsibility and to make sure that good practice is implemented within the group. It gives an account of its action to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility Committee can be contacted directly at any time through the “Advice and Recommendations Process” by e-mail, the address of which is noted in the Code of Ethics and mentioned on the Intranet and Internet Group websites:

The Compliance Department was created in June 2012.

The CEO of Naval Group decided to engage the Group beyond the obligations of a non-listed company. Therefore, he created the Compliance Department in order to bring the group to the level of defence industry best practices with respect to identification and control of business ethical and regulatory risks.

The Compliance Department is responsible for developing the Naval Group Integrity Programme whose objective is the prevention of risks identified as major for the group.

The activities of the Compliance Department are relayed on each site across the group through a network of Compliance Officers.