Our vision

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its aim of achieving a positive impact on the Company as a whole forms an integral part of the project fostered by Naval Group right from its beginnings. It is a legacy that the group cultivates and promotes within a community of men and women sharing a vision and a sense of responsibility with regard to the Company that they are a part of.

This commitment is collectively expressed through the values defended by the group, which were defined after a consultation of all employees:

  • Winning mindset
  • Rigour
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Commitment

At the scale of the group, this commitment has the backing of the top management and is defined in a CSR policy intended for all group entities and its external stakeholders. This CSR policy is aligned with the best international standards (in particular ISO 26000) and is deployed around the three pillars:

1- Economic development

For Naval Group, it is of the utmost importance to maintain relations with the communities within which we operate. It is appropriate that these relations be based on a strong involvement within the communities so as to contribute to their development. It is for this reason that Naval Group has, in particular, engaged in a “responsible purchasing” policy (ISO 20400:2017) the results of which are audited every year.
Naval Group has also developed a Compliance program dedicated to the prevention of corruption and influence peddling under all its forms.

2- Social commitment

Health and safety at work is a group priority. Naval Group is pursuing its commitment to improving the resources dedicated to controlling major risks and preventing accidents and incidents for personnel working under its responsibility. Furthermore, Naval Group:

  • Ensures the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining,
  • Contributes to eliminating forced or obligatory labour,
  • Contributes to the effective abolition of child labour,
  • Contributes to the elimination of all forms of discrimination with regard to employment and professions.

3- Environmental protection

Naval Group wishes to control and reduce the environmental impact of its activities and products over their entire lifecycle. Environmental challenges are addressed through an environmental policy deployed across the entire group and supported by three-year goals.
This policy led to the implementation of a vigilance plan based on this mapping of CSR risks and including actions aimed at preventing serious ethics and CSR infringements, arising from the activities of the group and its subcontractors, service providers or suppliers.

What place should be given to ethics?

Through its complete repository, Naval Group’s CSR policy also places ethics at the heart of the group’s concrete decisions and initiatives and ensures the involvement of colleagues:

  • Individually, by defining the rules governing the activities of Naval Group employees and its external stakeholders. Compliance with these rules supposes individual self-questioning before each person takes a decision but also a binding commitment on the part of Naval Group to protect and provide support for any employee that refuses to accept unethical practices.
  • Collectively, through the group’s various actions and commitments in France and overseas in terms of human rights, environmental protection and workers’ rights.