Compliance program

Naval Group’s commitment to compliance is reflected in its implementation of a compliance program that meets all current and evolving French and international legal requirements in this field. The system applies throughout Naval Group SA, its subsidiaries and controlled companies.

The compliance program is based on eight pillars:

1. A dedicated Department (Group Ethics, Compliance & Governance Department- DECG) created to develop and set up the compliance system within the Group and its subsidiaries.

2. Reference documents setting out the Group’s general policies and commitments. Since 2008 Naval Group has been developing a set of reference documents that offer a message which is totally supported by general management. The reference documents are given to all Group staff and to relevant service providers and partners.

Naval Group has also produced a Compliance Code of Conduct, which is available to all and sets out the Group’s principles and policies on business ethics.

3. A risk map, which identifies, examines and ranks the risks of corruption to which the Group is exposed.

4. Procedures – This is a set of documents that state the rules that apply to everyone and regulate current staff activities:

  • Procedure for establishing a relationship with designated third parties
  • Procedure applying to gifts, meals, invitations and other forms of hospitality
  • Procedure for requesting Naval Group membership of a professional organisation
  • Procedure applying to charity, philanthropic, patronage and sponsorship activities

5. The development of Tools to assist staff in their work and improve traceability

6. Training and awareness raising for personnel most exposed to the risk of corruption;

7. The secure Naval Group whistleblowing hotline, which is available to all;

8. Regular internal controls/audits to check that staff are meeting all the rules and applying all the procedures.