Integrity programme

Requirements of corporate social responsibility continue to evolve throughout the world. This leads to an increasing demand for strengthening ethics and transparency in corporate governance rules.

To respond to these concerns, Naval Group has created a Compliance Department responsible for developing the Group’s Integrity Programme. This Integrity Programme is based on a risk assessment which was conducted internally. It should enable better prevention of the risks identified as major by the group: non-compliance with laws and regulations in its relationships with its partners, non-compliance with competition law and with the rules of data protection. Particular attention is paid to the prevention of corruption as any offence in this area would have serious consequences for the company and its employees both from a legal and a reputational point of view.

Naval Group’s Integrity Programme aims to inform the management and staff of these risks, to provide the tools to protect the group and ensure traceability and transparency of actions undertaken by each of us to reduce these risks.

Naval Group’s Integrity Program has four components.

1 – Development of tools: policies and procedures

2 – Employees’ training and awareness raising on these tools

  • Training of 54 executives on white-collar crime.
  • Leadership Workshops: these events are aimed at executives of the group. Each session hosted between 3 and 7 members of the Executive Committees of Naval Group’s entities.

3 – Monitoring of compliance and implementation of these tools at group level.

4 – Updating and continuous improvement of these tools.

All employees of the group have the responsibility to take ownership of the Integrity Programme and to promote it both internally and externally.