FIC 2017 in Lille: DCNS presents the cyber-challenges of naval defence

Future australian submarine

24 January 2017 Innovation News

For its 2nd participation in the International Cybersecurity Forum, on 24 and 25 January, the DCNS stand proposes demonstrations of its advanced capacities in the areas of Whole Warship protection, defence and resilience. Representing a high-level shop-window, the event is also an opportunity to highlight the wide range of cybersecurity professions offered by the Group. 20170124_FIC

Cybersecurity, a strategy that is engrained in DCNS's DNA

The security of the Whole Warship, of its complex systems and its hosting and production infrastructures, is at the heart of the discussions: the threat is evolving as the digital transformation accelerates, calling for an effective response from the actors working in this area. DCNS is aware of the challenges and is pursuing its mobilisation to guarantee that its clients have the best level of resilience to counter both today's and tomorrow's threats. "We have integrated cybersecurity at the heart of our operations and at each step of the vessel's lifecycle, whether for a surface vessel or submarine. This robust foundation allows us to design and implement solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of our clients, the foremost of which being the French Navy", explains Patrick Radja, director of Cybersecurity at DCNS.

A unique position in naval defence

A reference designer and system engineering leader for naval defence, DCNS is able to capitalise on a significant technological advance and major investments in research and development, materialised through the creation of the Chair for naval-defence cybersecurity in Brest and through partnerships aimed at structuring the sector's various innovative startups and SMEs. Furthermore, DCNS has created a Cybersecurity department that transversally integrates these challenges into all of the Group's activities. Cybersecurity

A global vision, diverse and enriching professions

DCNS is the prime contractor for the onboard cybersecurity capacity and offers fulfilling opportunities and varied challenges to the most passionate candidates. "We are strengthening our capacities to ensure the best possible support for our clients in the audit, investigation and detection of naval security problems and in the construction of the solutions of tomorrow. In 2017, we will be recruiting candidates having a sound understanding of cybersecurity challenges and wishing to invest themselves in the areas of industrial and data-system security and onboard electronics, in the environment of the Whole Warship, one of the most complex technological environments there is", explains Pierre-Yves Miton, IT and Cybersecurity recruitment manager at DCNS. A wide perimeter of activities, constantly changing challenges: a winning roadmap for a dynamic career and the successful development of potential.