[Fem’Energia 2021] Marie, Nuclear Safety Cross-functional Manager in Toulon

19 November 2021 Human ressources


Marie, 29, is an Infrastructure Nuclear Safety Cross-functional Manager on the Toulon naval base. She takes part in conducting nuclear safety (SN) studies on the infrastructures of dock MY02, one of the three docks that accommodate nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN) during maintenance periods, which are currently being completely renovated for the Barracuda class SSNs. On-going projects include rebuilding part of the pier head to make it more weather resistant.

Marie and her team are in charge of drafting the safety file proving that the nuclear safety installations around the dock are not impacted by the works. "It's a meticulous analysis and drafting job, which is more study-oriented than field-oriented, unlike my previous position," explains Marie, who in fact joined Naval Group in 2017 at the Secret Basic Nuclear Installation (SNBI) as a Work Package Manager on the spent fuel pool. She held this position for 18 months. “I supervised sensitive operations such as fuel unloading. You had to react fast in the event of unforeseen events: another aspect of the job! That's another thing I like about Naval Group: getting to move from one world to another!”

The nuclear sector: seizing the opportunity

Originally from Saint-Raphaël, Marie studied electrical engineering at INSA in Lyon. The young student seized the opportunity offered by her school to add another string to her bow by training in atomic engineering. Marie therefore went on to study at the French National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) in Cadarache before doing her end-of-studies internship at TechnicAtome, where she worked on analysing installation availability. The young woman was now preparing to enter the working world with a double degree. "I really enjoyed studying at the INSTN and that is where I chose to focus my career on the nuclear industry. At TechnicAtome, I discovered defence nuclear and how it is applied at Naval Group. Once I finished my internship, I applied for my first job at SNBI. You could say that I was in for a ride from the word go! Right now, I'm thriving in the studies office, and the good thing is that the field is never far away," Marie concludes.