[Fem’Energia 2021] Floriane, Nuclear Safety Technician, team member in Brest


17 November 2021 Human ressources


Floriane, 27, has been a Nuclear Safety Technician on the site of Brest since the end of 2019. Her mission consists in collecting proof of conformity (minutes, test reports, etc.), i.e. all the documents attached to nuclear safety reports that are required to qualify the infrastructures intended for accommodating submarines. Originally from Dieppe, Floriane "grew up between two nuclear power plants" - Penly and Paluel - as she so rightly puts it, and decided very early on to pursue a career in this field, which is recruiting in the Seine-Maritime region.

After passing her Baccalaureate in electrical engineering, Floriane went on to study for an Advanced technician certificate in nuclear environment in Dieppe. Confident in her choice of career path, she went on to complete her training with a Professional degree in nuclear environment sanitation, waste management and dismantling offered by the science department of Cherbourg University Institute of Technology.

From the nuclear power plant to the naval base

In September 2016, freshly-graduated Floriane was hired as a Nuclear Waste Management Technician. She was in charge of assisting the project management for the dismantling of the Brennilis power plant in the Finistère region on behalf of EDF, first with Advance Engineering and then with Assystem, which took over the contract. It was during these first professional experiences, which were so full of projects and encounters, that Floriane discovered that Naval Group had nuclear branch.

And what a sector indeed! "I instantly became very interested in the world of naval defence, as well as in Naval Group's activities and products. So, I looked up the job offers and applied for the position I now hold in Brest. At the end of this year, I will have been with the team for two years," says Floriane, adding: “Our team participation in the Fem'Energia competition was a great experience. It gave us the opportunity to work together and strengthen ties within the Nuclear Safety department. I also liked the approach of making our jobs known to other women and showing that we have a part to play in this sector!”