Ethics and anti-corruption

Anti-corruption policy

Naval Group places ethics at the heart of its practices and strives to promote a culture of integrity. This commitment takes the form of the implementation and deployment of an anti-corruption policy aimed at all of the group’s stakeholders. The policy complies strictly with the requirements of the applicable legislation (in accordance with the French law of 9 December 2016 on transparency, anti-corruption and economic modernisation and known as the “Sapin II” law) and applies to all employees attached to Naval Group SA or any of its controlled companies.


AFNOR certification: ISO 37001

Naval Group demonstrates once more its high standards to stakeholders in this matter by renewing ISO 37001 certification for its anti-corruption management system. This certification strengthens the continuous improvement approach initiated by the group and enables it to improve its working practices.

Message from Chairman and CEO

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Naval Group - Combatting corruption and influence peddling

Message from Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from Naval Group


Culture of integrity: shared vision and practices

The culture of integrity promoted by Naval Group is based on a repository of documents available to all employees, in all of the languages they use. It brings together policies, codes, instructions and guidelines that apply zero tolerance to any breach of the principles they establish. This culture is also founded on the full and unreserved involvement of the company's management and governance bodies and on the example they set, and is therefore directly embodied by the group's Chairman and CEO.

Vigilance and prevention 

Naval Group draws up and regularly updates a corruption and influence peddling risk map designed to identify, analyse and prioritise the corruption risks to which it is exposed, accompanied by an action plan to reduce the identified risks.

This mapping process enables us to deploy a training and awareness-raising plan for all Naval Group employees (in France and abroad), in particular those most exposed to corruption risks, but also – whenever possible – for our external stakeholders.

Concrete, rigorous measures

On a daily basis, the group ensures that:

  • gifts, meals and hospitality are declared whenever they are given to or received by persons from outside Naval Group, in accordance with pre-defined thresholds;
  • membership of non-profit organisations and sponsorship/patronage activities performed in the name of Naval Group are vetted in advance;
  • its business practices outside France always comply with the applicable local anti-corruption regulations and with the accounting procedures in force within the group;
  • due diligence compliance checks have been performed on contracts and agreements entered into with third parties (in particular business advisers, industrial and strategic partners, offset suppliers and lobbyists or representatives of interest groups);
  • its decisions are free of any conflict of interest, particularly as regards the recruitment of new employees, the choice of new business partners, or the selection of new suppliers.
  • their actions concerning the representation of interests are recorded in the digital register of the High Authorities for transparency in public life (HATVP). 

For more information, please consult our document repository available for download on the site.

Whistelblowing without any worry

Naval Group employees and third parties, victims or witnesses to behaviour that goes against our repository, can contact a whistleblowing service that guarantees complete confidentiality of their initiative as well as the information handed over: The group commits to an impartial processing of these alerts and offers each person the possibility to speak out with confidence.

Whistleblowing system




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