Islands of energy


There’s a revolution going on in sedate island life. Thanks to Naval Group’ work in Marine Renewable Energies, islands around the world are getting ready to transition away from fossil fuels.

The secret? The very element that makes an island so unique: the expanses of ocean that surround it and the energy it contains. We take you on a tour of these islands of energy.


Select an energy

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Eighty percent of the sun’s solar energy is stored in the surface waters of the world’s oceans. OTEC taps into this renewable energy source by using the difference in temperature between the warm surface water and cold deep ocean water to generate electricity. It is a non-intermittent baseload energy source that can replace the fossil fuel plants used commonly on islands with no connection to the mainland electricity grid.


Floating Wind Farm

Offshore floating wind turbines allow the capture of wind energy at sea. It offers an innovative way of harnessing the energy potential of offshore maritime areas where the water is too deep for fixed wind turbines. France has the second largest potential in Europe, thanks to its Atlantic, English Channel and Mediterranean coastlines.


Tidal turbine

The Open-Centre tidal turbine developed by OpenHydro, a Naval Group company, is installed on the seabed at a depth that presents no danger to navigation. The lubricant-free, slow-moving rotor provides a clean, predictable and renewable energy while minimizing the risk to marine life.

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