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08 September 2017 Defense Naval Human ressources News

Naval Group is hiring over 100 engineers in the south of France. In Toulon-Ollioules, an excellence and innovation centre where more than 1,000 engineers and experts work on mission and combat naval systems, a ‘job dating’ event took place on 30 June to identify and select the most appropriate candidates. The aim of this unprecedented recruitment initiative was to give candidates the opportunity to immerse themselves in the high-tech world of the leader in naval defence, guided by Naval Group employees. Find out more about the flagship expertise at work in Ollioules and Saint-Tropez through reality profiles of employees, their careers, the challenges they face in their work, and the achievements they are most proud of. Today, our gallery of portraits honours two employees: an expert in cybersecurity and a mission drone systems specialist. Guillaume, Mission Drone Systems Architect Previously a drone naval architect at Saint-Tropez, Guillaume Mariez moved into the world of software 18 months ago at Ollioules, where he is now a mission drone systems architect. His mission is to ensure the functional integration of drones into naval combat systems. “My skills spectrum ranges from R&D to promotional marketing”, he explains. Guillaume is working on a mission system for naval drones that will provide end-to-end management of drone missions and cover all three key phases: mission preparation, data gathering and processing, and mission recovery and feedback. Since arriving at Ollioules, Guillaume has developed the I4®Drones, a system that enables operational supervision of naval drones in all three environments: air, surface and subsurface. Installed onboard a surface vessel or submarine, this system can also be deployed in a shore-based command centre. The I4®Drones solution facilitates drone mission management within inter-force and inter-ally coalitions for greater efficiency and improved warship/drone interoperability. Unveiled at the Euronaval 2016 exhibition with a synthetic scenario, his work on I4®Drones has continued since then with a live demonstration as part of a European launch preview off Saint-Mandrier. The coordinated deployment of 3 drones was structured, scheduled, supervised and analysed... all in real-time as part of the Naval Innovation Days event on 1 June this year. Meanwhile, Guillaume also presents this new product to both national and foreign delegations. “This twin expertise in engineering and marketing has given me the opportunity to be involved at every stage of the product lifecycle, and to work closely with the needs of current users and future prospective customers”. Pascal, Expert in Naval Cybersecurity In a context of increasing levels of constantly evolving threats, Naval Group must ensure the cybersecurity of its vessels to prevent and manage threats ranging from espionage to systems intrusion and sabotage. “In the past, traditional information systems and office systems were the priority targets for attack, but now the threat has shifted focus to non-standard systems, and especially industrial systems, many of which are installed onboard our ships”, Pascal Mercier, a naval systems cybersecurity architect based in Ollioules, explains. Pascal began as a mathematician before moving into cryptography and information security. He joined Naval Group in January 2016 with 14 years of experience in cybersecurity. His role today is to design, develop and guide cybersecurity developments for all shipboard systems, from weapons to living quarters. “Every aspect is important, which is why the scope of the work I do cuts across disciplines”, Pascal explains; “The security of any structure depends – of course – on the security of its weakest link”, he goes on. So what is he most proud of? Having raised the awareness of otherwise reluctant stakeholders of the very real challenges and requirements imposed by cybersecurity, which has in turn boosted the trust of certain customers. What qualities does he consider essential for doing his job? A combination of pragmatic realism and diplomacy, combined with the determination to stay ahead of the game.