Discover the magazine Research

14 October 2022 Innovation News

Discover the 4th issue of the scientific magazine Research, the science behind naval innovation, whose name combines our technological research activity, our international vocation and Naval Group's passion for the sea.

This new edition offers an overview of recent achievements and emerging projects that benefit the Group's products and industrial processes. It also illustrates the day-to-day scientific and technological activities of our colleagues, men and women, who put them into practice on a daily basis, our dynamic collaboration with the academic world, as well as insights from our Scientific Council.

Dive into the heart of the acoustic consequences of turbulence, numerical issues, statistical approaches to the impacts of swell, and so many other subjects that highlight our challenges in mastering complexity, but also the high level of competence that we can be proud to boast in the group.

Let our employees tell you about the work that contributes to the innovation of today and tomorrow. The backbone of our ambitions: to maintain a differentiating lead in the naval industry; to guarantee the technological and operational superiority of our clients, on all oceans; and to improve our competitiveness, a condition of our leadership on all continents.

Research magazine is written in an open and accessible manner. It is aimed at both internal and external scientific networks, particularly academics, as well as our customers, and of course at naval science enthusiasts and the curious.