Cyber engineering, a multi-faceted expertise


15 May 2019 Innovation Story

A former sailor, Jérémie Liebhardt joined Naval Group in 2018 after training as a student-apprentice in cyber engineering. Passionate and always on the lookout for cutting-edge fields, he wanted to join a large industrial group of defence to contribute to the excellence of its products and its solutions. His integration within the CERT of Naval Group marks the beginning of a new and fulfilling journey.

Ancien marin, Jérémie Liebhardt a rejoint Naval Group en 2018 après une formation d’ingénieur cyber en alternance

An essential brick of the group’s cybersecurity domain, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) intervenes on all of the group’s products and infrastructures. The department conducts monitoring, analysis and anticipation of the cyber threat that can impact its activities and products, with particular specificities regarding the naval defence field. These activities enable Naval Group to respond effectively to the various cyber threats and to correct any vulnerability as quickly as possible.Composed of engineers with complementary profiles and expertise, the team is very responsive. "While we are all versatile, each of us has our own preferred field. I mainly deal with digital investigation and malware analysis," explains Jérémie, whose experience as a sailor is a real asset to this line of work.

From soldier to study-apprentice and engineer for CERT Naval Group

After graduating in IT, he joined the ‘École de maistrance’ in 2005, following which he held several positions as programmer and specialist in information and telecommunications for the French Navy in Brest, Toulon, Marseille and Nouméa.

His experience in marine navigation and information systems as they are used on board was very useful for what he did next: convinced of the rise of cybersecurity, he resumed his studies in 2015 and graduated in 2017 as a cyber engineer.

"During my work-study contract within the cybersecurity department of Naval Group’s systems, I was designing security of systems’ auditing tools, a technical responsibility that gave me a global view of the cyber perimeter and prepared me to join the CERT a few months later," adds Jérémie.

A rewarding daily challenge

Pleased to pursue his career in defence and naval, Jérémie is proud to work for a great system integrator that incorporates high-tech products from the most advanced industrial equipment manufacturers. The former sailor appreciates the expertise of Naval Group, rich and diverse, and welcomes the challenging tasks that the CERT has to offer.

"The surge in cybersecurity motivates the entire team: several R&D programs are underway, the means are aligned with the goals and we regularly receive high-level training."
Given our clients’ growing cyber needs, within our programs and infrastructures, several R&D projects were launched and the CERT will welcome new, motivated student-apprentices to train them and make them progress.