Acoustics: Naval Group Research presents two publications in Boston, USA

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08 September 2017 Defense Naval Innovation News

Attendance reached record numbers at the 173rd meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), exceptionally combined with the 8th Forum Acousticum organised by the European Acoustic Association in Boston, USA, on 25-29 June. On the other side of the Atlantic, two specialists from Naval Group Research showcased the technical added value offered by the company. 2,000 visitors from around the world, most of them scientific researchers and technical experts, gathered in Boston for 5 days to discuss the advances made in their specialist field. Senior expert in submarine acoustics and ship vibroacoustics at Naval Group Research Christian Audoly, and post-doctoral researcher in acoustics David Soubsol, both made the trip to present their current scientific work. “My presentation focused on the radiated noise from ships, that is to say the noise generated by its onboard machinery, which is detectable by enemy passive sonar systems. It is a performance issue closely monitored by our customers”, Christian Audoly points out. “Our goal is to improve current measurement techniques, so that we can accurately estimate the level of radiated noise from ships”. David Soubsol presented calculations and experiments carried out as part of his work on acoustic diffraction – the way in which acoustic waves are reflected from a submerged object –, a subject closely connected with the stealth properties of submarines. New developments are underway on this topic, particularly the possibility of observations made from a direction other than the direction of transmission (bi-static diffraction). “The choice of subjects we want to publish is important”, Christian Audoly emphasises. “They must arouse the interest of the scientific community associated with our customers, without crossing the boundary to being classified. But every publication presented at a meeting of the ASA, which publishes the world’s leading acoustics journal, raises the profile of Naval Group. After our presentations, we were both approached by other international experts, which makes the event a great opportunity for networking!” The trip was also an opportunity to actively monitor subjects of interest to the group, such as hydroacoustics, vibroacoustics, bioacoustics, acoustic materials (composites, metamaterials, etc.) and drone systems in the context of acoustic detection.