8 Greek suppliers to join Naval Group worldwide supply chain

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19 December 2019 International Press release

Naval Group h.as conducted extensive industrial surveys to include Greek companies in its worldwide supply chain.

Following the 2018 Industry Day in Athens and after conducting the referencing process, 8 Greek companies will join Naval Group’s international supply chain.

These companies will now be registered Naval Group suppliers for their particular skills and/or products:

  • AKMON SA : AKMON S.A portfolio of activities ranges from manufacturing, upgrading and rebuilding cable sets and harnesses for aerospace use, electro-mechanical assemblies to assembling high technology telecommunications and electronic equipment for air, sea and land Defense applications
  • ELFON: ELFON specializes in the manufacturing of cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and electromechanical assemblies. It supplies high quality OEM products to world class contractors for Naval, Aviation, and Space applications. ELFON also acts as an integrator, delivering complex projects that require design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning of complex projects
  • HELLENIC CABLES SA: Hellenic Cables designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of cables from power cables, to optic cables and composite cables. The company addresses the high demands of its clients on a global level, among which are network managers, construction companies and vendors.
  • IDE INTRACOM: IDE INTRACOM is a leading electronics, communications and hybrid energy systems provider in the defence and security areas. IDE INTRACOM participates in a series of international defence and security systems development and production programs, including co-production in collaboration with leading international manufacturers.
  • METKA: The industrial activities of METKA focus on the manufacturing of high added value heavy and/or complex steel fabrications for energy, infrastructure and defence applications. Within this field, METKA mainly carries out advanced co-production and manufacturing sub-contracts with leading international defence equipment suppliers, having particular manufacturing experience in the areas of land defence systems, as well as submarines.
  • MEVACO: MEVACO is a leading manufacturing firm which implements state-of-the-art technology in the fields of metal fabrication and construction (Punching, Laser cutting, Bending, Welding, Machining, Painting, Assembling of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum) for almost any type and size of metal products (from single components to complex electromechanical assemblies), based on the customer requirements
  • MILTECH HELLAS S.A: MILTECH is a modern defense industry in the area of hightechnology thermal imaging systems, radio accessories, avionics, aircraft harnesses and other special purpose electronics applications. MILTECH HELLAS S.A gathers a large team of engineers and technicians with a large experience in the electronics sector.
  • TELETEL: TELETEL offers design and development services of software and hardware products as well as engineering support services for major international defence, telecoms and aerospace industries

These 8 companies will now be consulted every time the group needs a particular skill or product they have been selected for. Opportunities will include both French and export programs, and in particular the French Intervention and Defence Frigates (FDI), as well as additional FDI frigates currently under discussion for the Hellenic Navy.

Naval Group is also preparing new meetings with the Greek industry at the beginning of 2020 to finish processing about 20 other candidates that could join the supply chain early next year.
Naval Group already has a history of partnership with the Greek industry. Sunlight in particular has been providing batteries for submarines programs.

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