5 things to know about Naval Group’s Cyber Management System (CyMS)

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16 October 2020 Defense Naval Systems Cybersecurity Story

The Cyber Management System (CyMS) is the heart of the ship's cybersecurity system. Its role is to detect possible cyber attacks. All of Naval Group’s system engineering know-how and strategic expertise in cybersecurity are rolled up into this system. Here we explain it all in 5 key points…

  1. How does it work? CyMS controls the exchange of digital data between the on-board equipment by taking traffic samples at key points in the network system, which it analyses simultaneously. In the event of any anomaly or attack, an assessment of the operational impact is presented to the operator, who can then choose between the different suggested responses: ignore the alert, isolate the equipment under threat from the network, deal with the problem, or call on the expertise of a shore-based centre. Two modes are proposed: initial and expert, where the latter responds to a need for more in-depth investigations carried out by cyber teams. 
  2. What is its main advantage? For crews that are not all experts in this field, Naval Group has successfully translated technical information logs written in computer language into everyday language. The Commanding Officer thus has rapid access to all the data needed to adapt their decision to the ship’s operational context, while crew members can offer their opinion to jointly make the best choices.  
  3. Is it scalable? Just as cyber threats are constantly evolving, so CyMS is scalable; it is updated throughout the life cycle of ships. Naval Group also plans to introduce improvements derived from artificial intelligence to further its automatic processing capabilities. The integration of the ship’s operational context (quayside, under maintenance, at sea, in operation) will be subject to future software enhancements, all developed in partnership with the French Navy in order to match its uses and needs as closely as possible.
  4. Is it easy to use? Naval Group's developments are user-centric. CyMS was devised in collaboration with crews, and based on the Group's perfect understanding of their operating constraints. The interface is easy to use and intuitive so that, even in stressful or emergency situations, the key information can be accessed quickly and efficiently.
  5. Where is it deployed? On all of the French Navy's leading ships, surface ships and submarines. In fact, Naval Group’s ambition is to equip the entire French fleet. Export customers, notably in Belgium and Australia, have also expressed their interest.