[2020 Fem’Energia Award] Stéphanie, Mechanical Operations Technician

10 December 2020 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

Stéphanie, 44, is a technician in the Mechanical Operations Department of the SBNI. She ensures that the department's maintenance and operating teams have the equipment and services they need to perform their jobs effectively. This involves a wide range of missions: costing maintenance jobs, drafting technical specifications for service providers, keeping tabs on equipment maintenance, supplying documentation deliverables to the customer…: “I’m constantly in contact with the teams!” Originally from Toulon, Stéphanie joined Naval Group in 2003 as a technician in the hull section of the Submarine Design Office: “I had a BTS in Materials Treatment and a training course in Computer-Aided Design; that fitted the needs of the Design Office!”

Constantly opening up the field of possibilities

“In 2009, when I was offered the opportunity to join the SBNI, it was as a Planning Technician. Over the years, my scope of work has broadened. That's what I like about the SBNI: if you want to discover other activities, you can!” Stéphanie is also working on operating procedures and the identification of solutions to health and safety (H&SW) issues: “We are currently thinking things through with our service providers.” At home, Stéphanie is the mother of two girls; meanwhile, at work, she has recently embarked on a new project by taking part in the technical and financial bid for the Barracuda infrastructures, to be submitted to the CEA: “Once again, something new – but it’s still teamwork above all!”