[2020 Fem’Energia Award] Estelle, Planning Technician

09 December 2020 Human ressources Corporate social responsibility Story

Estelle, 44, joined Naval Group’s SBNI department as a Planning Technician in 2019. The Preparation department ensures the supply of equipment and services to the SBNI workshops and laboratories for their maintenance work or for fuel element loading and unloading operations. Estelle checks the description of the requirement with the technical experts and submits supply requests to Procurement. A team effort! The department is in contact with all of the group’s trades and handles all types of requests, such as for the supply of chemicals or the installation of safety equipment in a workshop. “It’s a job with a strong relational component, and I like that. There’s no routine: no two days are alike!”

From SSN Purchasing to the SBNI

Mother-of-two Estelle is originally from the Var. “I joined Naval Group in Purchasing, initially on a temporary contract. Then in 2012 I joined the SSN section and discovered the SBNI department. The level of stringency for supply requests and the safety and security dimension sparked my interest and curiosity.” With her scientific background, Estelle likes technology and enjoys contact with the field, so when a vacancy for a Planning Technician at the SBNI came up, she didn't hesitate. “Because of the tightened security, it's a special area on the site, with a spirit of mutual aid and a strong sense of belonging.” Estelle has recently received training in radiation protection. Her next challenge is to move to the “hot zone” and take on the role of Readings controller during the unloading of nuclear cores, as soon as she has obtained her qualification: “Then I’ll really be at the heart of the action!”